5 strong leg exercises | pregnancy workout

Hi everyone,

I'm in the mid-stages of the second trimester, 24 weeks, so all of these movements focus on keeping my back stable and my legs strong.

I've included my reps to give you an idea of what I do (I change them depending on the day) but you must listen to your own body and not compare to anyone else. Now is the time to focus on you and your baby's health, don't put any pressure on yourself.

Note: Don't forget to speak to your GP or midwife before exercising during pregnancy, especially if you are expecting twins/multiple pregnancy or have any health issues.

1. Bridge lifts: x8 reps, 2 rounds.


1. Place your feet hip distance apart.

2. Keep your knees in alignment with your hips the whole time.

3. Before your start lifting, draw your navel to spine, hug your ribs in a little and avoid any gaps between your mid-lower back.

4. Press down through your feet, shoulders and arms when you lift your hips.

5. Focus on engaging your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.

2. Step back lunges: x10, 3 rounds.

Boost it: Alternate between short and longer lunges.


1. From standing to step back lunges, ensure your feet are always hip distance apart. Avoid having your feet in one line as this can make you unstable, like you're walking on a tight rope.

2. Bend your knees throughout the movement.