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A little introduction

Nam Lowen, Namas Yoga.
2011. Photo taken by Jo + Steve Bushell.

As cheesy as it sounds, Yoga has helped me so much in my life.

Without sounding dramatic my journey has been a rocky one and there have been times where I have questioned and disliked the practice. There's so much that Yoga entails and many worldwide practitioners with heavy opinions, that it felt overwhelming being in the world of Yoga. I used to follow various Yoga forums, Facebook groups and Instagram accounts, all to progress and further my learning but I would find myself with my mouth wide open from reading some of the endless comments and the bullying on many of those accounts.

For a while, it made me doubt myself and my own journey. Not only were people disagreeing on these posts claiming to know what's right and wrong but people were arguing, swearing and rudely judgmental to one another. This sort of behavior I might expect at a Black Friday sale, not from people that claim to be practitioners/students of Yoga. There are many women that post pictures or videos of themselves doing Yoga postures on the beach with swimwear on, as I have done so myself, followed by numerous comments on how she looks, her weight and how 'un-yogic' she is for supposedly parading around on the beach. Posts would start with a genuine question or topic, all to lead on to heated debates and nasty comments.

It amazing how a bunch of thumbs can sap away the innocent topics of Chakras, anatomy or styles of Yoga.

I realized I didn't dislike the practice of Yoga, that it was actually the influence of these types comments that was affecting me and stunted my journey.

So I did what anyone else would do if they were not enjoying the party; I left. I felt much better and carried on with my life.

My Yoga journey didn't stop during that time like I thought it did, it was in-fact very much part of it. The more we see and hear negativity, the more we believe in it and it silently spreads through our system, poisoning our mental and physical health.

Imagine if you were learning a new language and people were constantly putting you down for your accent or any mistakes you might make, it would put of you off and in the end, you may even give up. That's exactly how I felt.

There should be no pressure involved in learning anything, it has to come from a deep desire within to understand (whatever your subject) and heaps of support.

The posts that you will be on this blog all reflect my personal practice, my live teachings and honest conversations between the people that come to my classes and my friends.

I welcome you to a place that accepts you for YOU and hope you find some parts of what I share helpful along the way.



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