First trimester update + my experience with Vitabiotics Pregnacare supplements

Hi everyone,

I've been a little bit busy as you can see. I am 17 weeks pregnant (we had a scan a few weeks ago to confirm it wasn't a big bowl of porridge in there after all ) and I'm happy to say my second trimester is proving much better than my first.

This blog will take a little shift as I can't help but talk about the things that I'm doing or interested in so I apologize in advance as posts may get increasingly candid as pregnancy holds rare words that you wouldn't find in regular conversation, e.g. swollen breasts, itchy nipples, discharge (shudders).

I've got a lot to share but there's two things that always hold me back, you may have experienced this yourself:

1. I'm worried something is going to go horribly wrong with my pregnancy and I'll lose the baby - I had all the same feelings with Alexiia and so I didn't share anything. Plus I had a miscarriage a number of years ago.

2. I have a lot to share! Which means I can waffle on, seamlessly jumping from one subject to another and you'll probably hate reading my posts because you'll be scratching your head wondering what the heck I'm talking about. Yeah I'm that kind of annoying friend.

However, the another part of me says, 'just write and press post because let's face it, only my sister will read this (or pretend to) so it's ok'.

The First Trimester = hell

I can't help but compare pregnancies, it's my guide as to what's 'normal' or what's different this time round.

When I was pregnant with Alexiia, I felt nauseous and experienced sickness from 8 to 13/14 weeks. I was sick whilst we were in Iceland about 3 times. After making a trip to the bathroom, I would eat a few bites of a cookie, sip water and carry on. We had an active trip and thankfully it didn't ruin our plans, I was still able to enjoy our time out there. It just meant I had to eat little and often.

Nausea continued when we came home for a few weeks but I was able to keep it at bay with crackers, oat cookies, ginger sweets and biscuits, Wheetabix, plain meals, smaller portions and long walks. Pretty standard.

Is Pregnacare making me sick?!