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I am sadly not taking on any clients at present however I have put my 6 week program and all my knowledge into my first book Get the Glow (you can order it here).

In the mean time I do run lots of fun foodie events, please come along to one of my supper clubs or cookery classes (see my Events section), sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Instagram and get chatting to all the other women, girls (and some guys too!) who are on my site.

Take it from me: nothing is more reassuring than knowing you are not alone.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have been practicing Yoga for a while, I carefully pick elements that will help you to build a healthy foundation that can develop into a confident Yoga practice.
My approach to one-to-one sessions is very different to a group class environment. I’m able to tailor the pace, focus and content to suit you. You’re never on your own as time is spent working on planning your lessons as I continue to work with you closely to ensure you’re on a good track.
Over the past 9 years, I have gained experience by teaching Yoga to a variety of people including: sports players, athletes, post-natal moms, office workers, runners, CrossFitters and physiotherapists.
Personal lessons are held in the comfort of your own home.
I learnt very quickly that one of the most important things is rapport between teacher and student. That we understand and work well together.
My approach to 1:1 lessons is to challenge and progress you, no matter what your starting point is or current fitness levels are. It’s to help build your confidence and help you incorporate Yoga as part of your weekly routine. As there is so much that Yoga entails, I mainly work with clients on a consistent and regular basis.