in brief

Hi, I'm Nam - a Yoga teacher and mother of two.


In 2011, I started Namas Yoga with a single group class. The aim was to share all the experience and knowledge that I gained about Yoga and wellness to people that wanted connection and strength in this busy modern world.


A lot has changed since then and Namas has grown into group classes, personalised 1:1 Yoga sessions, workshops, postnatal Yoga sessions and taught at events such as Adidas Studio London and The Mummy Tribe retreat. Namas Yoga is also taught at various companies so that office workers can come together, do Yoga and reduce anxiety and stress that's found in many working environments.

the long story

How far shall I take you back? I was pretty disciplined as child; I was two times national champion and I achieved my 2nd dan black belt in Shotokan Karate, all whilst training in Wing Chun Kung Fu. I stopped martial arts when I was 15 years old when I couldn't see the point in hitting pads or people anymore to be honest. 

I started Yoga when I was 17, I had been through a traumatic experience and I was in an abusive relationship. I knew I needed to do something for myself, I had lost most of my identity and confidence by that point. Little did I know back then how much Yoga was helping me develop and grow both inside and out. A few years went by, I left that relationship and moved away.

Prior to opening Namas Yoga, I worked at NHS Mid-Essex and Chelmsford City Council. I was that weird person doing Yoga by the photocopying machine or in the kitchen when I thought I was alone!


By 2011, I qualified and completed my 200hr Yoga teacher training diploma with Teach Yoga, London. The course was held for over a year and during that time I went abroad to study and practice different styles of Yoga. Those years were huge influence to my foundation, discipline and creativity.

I wanted to create classes and workshops where people felt comfortable being themselves and learning Yoga in a supportive environment. 


I dedicated time into teaching private tuition, focusing on rehabilitation and recovery to sports players, and those recovering from surgery. Most of the people that approach me are advised by their Physiotherapists or Chiropractors.

In 2016, I qualified in Post-Natal Yoga. As a mother and having many moms attending my classes, it was the natural direction for me to support women that have experienced the physical and emotional challenges that motherhood brings.

My work has lead me to teach a number of Yoga classes at Adidas Studio LDN, which is a studio dedicated to a huge female fitness community in east London and Post-Natal Yoga at a Mummy Tribe retreat founded by Binky Felstead.


At present, I live in the West Midlands and continue to teach Yoga classes, workshops, events and corporate events around Solihull, Birmingham and occasionally in London.

Occasionally I blog so if you like reading about Yoga or my random thoughts, you can find more here or follow me on Instagram @namasyoga.