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What to expect

One of my main focuses for each class is movement to get rid of stress & tension that comes from long, busy days. You're guided all the way through, starting with a strong, mobilizing warm-up to prepare the body for energizing postures & sequences. 


Everything is taught step-by-step to ensure you're safely coming into the postures. Variations and Yoga blocks are offered so you can take the class at your own pace in a supportive, non-judgey, environment. Towards the end, we wind down with a guided Savasana (relaxation time).

Beginners are welcome but if you're a bit unsure or you know that you need to learn the foundation postures, I recommend looking at the Beginners page and attending the next course/workshop.

Due to hygiene reasons, everyone must bring thier own Yoga mat. Newbies trying class out can ask to borrow a spare mat. Ask Nam for mat recommendations if you are wondering which one will suit you.

Please note, group classes are not suitable during any stage of pregnancy or injury.

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Class times







Week-day Morning classes are coming! Register your interest below to be notified when a new class is opening.

What to bring

Please bring a Yoga mat with you to class & bottle of water. Covid-19 made us all more aware of how germs are easily spread. Using your own Yoga mat is far more hygenic and helps limit the spread of various bacteria, viruses and skin conditions that can easily be passed.​​

Location + finding us

Shirley Institute, 24 Church Road, Solihull. B90 2AX.

Parking is free at the rear of the building.

Finding us: Monday: Warwick room. Wednesday: Front hall. Thursday: Grimsley room.


New to class?

Online booking only, drop-ins are not accepted

Use code: TASTER1


Ideal for the occasional practitioner.

Buy a Block

Save 10% purchasing minimum of 4 classes, pick any dates.

Use code: SAVE10

Cancellation policy for Group classes

As a small business, please understand there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all group Yoga classes. 


Any class transfer requests within 24 hours of your booked class cannot be fulfilled as class numbers are limited. Please understand that I have several fees every month that must be met to maintain running the classes and any unpaid spaces result in financial loss. For these reasons, I cannot accept any refunds. Transfer requests must be emailed to


Thank you for your understanding - Nam.

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'Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, it's great to see some progress after never doing Yoga before. I enjoy your classes so much and would recommend them to anyone.'

- Kirstyn Short

woman 13

'​Thanks Nam. I really enjoyed my first lesson ever of yoga as I was a bit nervous about what I’d go through.


Throughout the session it made me realise how tense my whole body was and how I need to loosen up and just release but I’ve never known how to do it.... I hope I can learn to understand myself and my body better through yoga.'

- Zareen J

Women Laughing on Beach

'The class is always a mixture of fun, challenges and relaxation. Her instructions for each yoga pose are clear and precise but with the flexibility to go at your own pace and to move in your own way. She accepts everyone, no matter what stage they are at in their yoga practice'.

- Helen Taylor

Yoga Class

'I have had the opportunity to practice with Nam in person, on-line and via her recordings and I can really recommend her teaching. I would say that I think she is the best yoga teacher I have ever encountered. She makes learning fun, even when she is tying you up in literal knots!


Her infectious enthusiasm comes through. Whilst she encourages you to stretch yourself her mantra is always to listen to your own body so don’t take things to far, and that you don’t have to be prefect. Where possible she offers alternatives to allow you to go at your own pace and in your own comfort zone. If you have any doubts have a go, you will not be disappointed.'

- Neil Bennet

Pensive Coffee Time

'Her well planned classes seamlessly works through a variety of postures that suit all levels of ability from complete beginners to the more accomplished members of the class, who have been practicing yoga for some time.


Nam skillfully offers excellent technical advice and assistance, enabling everyone to safely gain the maximum benefit from any particular posture she asks us to hold'.

- Steve Johansen

Rooftop Yoga

'Nam makes yoga into an art form, it is beautiful to watch Nam and I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing yoga teacher.

The classes are progressive and I feel I'm getting a great workout but best of all if you go to the class feeling stressed or not in the right frame of mind you always leave feeling light, free and rejuvenated both in body and mind'.

- Emma Barker

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