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Learn the basics in Yoga. We all have to start somewhere...

I remember vividly what it's like being a complete beginner to Yoga, not knowing where to start and avoiding going to my first class in a room full of experienced people.

This Absolute Beginner Workshop is ideal if you're ready to do something for 'you' but perhaps a bit nervous about heading into a class environment. Grab yourself a head start by learning the foundation postures & flows at this immersive, step-by-step Yoga Workshop.

What to expect 

  • Beginner friendly atmosphere
  • Step-by-step tuition of the foundation postures
  • Learn two Yoga flows
  • Posture modifications + alternatives
  • Learn how to make Yoga suit your body
  • Gain skills + confidence to explore classes
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What to bring

Please bring a Yoga mat with you to class & bottle of water. Covid-19 made us all more aware of how germs are easily spread. Using your own Yoga mat is far more hygenic and helps limit the spread of various bacteria, viruses and skin conditions that can easily be passed.​​

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Dates + times

TBA March 2024, Saturday 9am

TBA April 2024, Saturday 9am

TBA May 2024, Saturday 9am

TBA June 2024, Saturday 9am

TBA July 2024, Saturday 9am

TBA August 2024, Saturday 9am

Price: £18 per Workshop (75 mins)

Fitness Wear

FYI: This is a judge-free Yoga zone!

I know some Yoga classes can be really intimidating and it can make you feel like pants (trust me, I've been to lots of them) but we're a light-hearted, supportive bunch that slaps on dry-shampoo, has a good laugh and everyone works at their own pace.

Location + finding us

Shirley Institute, 24 Church Road, Solihull. B90 2AX.

Parking is free at the rear of the building.

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'A great beginners yoga class.​ Wasn't intimidating or surrounded by people who were seasoned pro's.... just beautiful people starting out on their yoga journey. Thanks for a great session Nam and I'll see you next week!' 


- Kookie Salt

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