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Join us every Tuesday night during November to learn the foundations of Yoga and how to make it work for you and your body.

hi, i'm nam

I created Namas Yoga because I wanted to create a supportive place for those that know deep down inside there's more to this concrete jungle. Movement is nourishing to our bodies; It helps us focus and stress less.


At first glance, people might assume that Yoga is complicated and only for those who are flexible. Whereas, my teachings are based around simplicity and making Yoga work for your body. It's like a map to the soul and you have to walk the steps in order to get there. No two classes are the same as I work closely with individuals and groups.

Whether you're training for a competition, a stressed parent or an office worker (maybe all 3!), I welcome you to develop your skills of creativity, discipline and self-growth.


You can find me for group classes, events, corporate + exclusive sessions, across Solihull and Birmingham. I also travel to London and other places to teach.

what we do

why we do mobility work at namas yoga


Nam makes yoga into an art form, it is beautiful to watch Nam and I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing yoga teacher.

The classes are progressive and I feel I'm getting a great workout but best of all if you go to the class feeling stressed or not in the right frame of mind you always leave feeling light, free and rejuvenated both in body and mind... thanks Nam X 

Emma B

​Thank you, you absolute babe Nam for smashing 4 classes back to back

Adidas Studio, London

Nam was the best instructor I’ve experienced in yoga sessions. She really knew her stuff, put us at ease and made the class easy to follow. 

RCSL Member

​Thanks Nam

I really enjoyed my first lesson ever of yoga as I was a bit nervous about what I’d go through. Throughout the session it made me realise how tense my whole body was and how I need to loosen up and just release but I’ve never known how to do it.... 
I hope I can learn to understand myself and my body better through yoga.

Zareen J