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hi + welcome,

i'm nam

In 2011, I started Namas Yoga with a single group class. The aim was to share all the experience and knowledge that I gained about Yoga and wellness to people that wanted connection and strength in this busy modern world.


A lot has changed since then and Namas has grown into group classes, personalised 1:1 Yoga sessions, workshops, postnatal Yoga sessions and taught at events such as Adidas Studio London and The Mummy Tribe retreat. Namas Yoga is also taught at various companies so that office workers can come together, do Yoga and reduce anxiety and stress that's found in many working environments.


I hope you join us on the mat very soon.


'Nam was the best instructor I’ve experienced in yoga sessions.


She really knew her stuff, put us at ease and made the class easy to follow.'

RCSL member

'Nam makes yoga into an art form, it is beautiful to watch Nam and I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing yoga teacher.

The classes are progressive and I feel I'm getting a great workout but best of all if you go to the class feeling stressed or not in the right frame of mind you always leave feeling light, free and rejuvenated both in body and mind... thanks Nam  X'

emma b

'​Thanks Nam. I really enjoyed my first lesson ever of yoga as I was a bit nervous about what I’d go through.


Throughout the session it made me realise how tense my whole body was and how I need to loosen up and just release but I’ve never known how to do it.... I hope I can learn to understand myself and my body better through yoga.'

zareen j

​'Thank you, you absolute babe Nam for smashing 4 classes back to back'

adidas studio, london

Pink Salt