A new Namas Yoga class each week that fits in with your schedule.

Every Monday a new Namas Yoga class is released for you to practice Yoga anywhere and anytime. Each class is themed differently which adds variety to your practice and includes foundation postures to maintain healthy habits.

Your classes are here on this website and each video is kept on the subscription for 4 weeks, giving you time to do the classes once or more. All you need is your computer, tablet or phone and wifi. The great thing is there is no travel and rush to get to class, you're in control when it is time to do Yoga.

Online Yoga classes

Here's what to expect:

30 minute Full Body Yoga class

Released every Monday for you to press play and practice anytime of day and week you like.

Bonus tutorials

Bonus tutorials breaking down beginner and challenging postures to give you extra help should you need it.

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