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Yoga classes in Solihull

What to expect

✨ Each class starts with sequences and movements to wake up your body. We focus on a different theme and area to work on, e.g. Presses, Malasana squats, hip openers.

Variations are offered during class so you can take the class at your own pace.

Towards the end of every class, we wind down with a guided Savasana (relaxation time).

Please bring a Yoga mat with you to class. Covid-19 made us all more aware of how germs are easily spread. Using your own Yoga mat is far more hygenic and helps limit the spread of various bacteria, viruses and skin conditions that can easily be passed.​​


All levels are welcome. However, if you need extra help learning the foundation postures, my Beginners Course or Private lessons are a good place to start.


Please note, group classes are not suitable during any stage of pregnancy or injury.

Yoga Class

Class times +

Finding us: Parking is free at the rear of Shirley Institute. Wednesday's class is in the Grimsley room, access by the car park. Thursday's class is held in the Main room at the front building.

Address: Shirley Institute, 24 Church Road, Solihull, B90 2AX, UK.

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'Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, it's great to see some progress after never doing Yoga before. I enjoy your classes so much and would recommend them to anyone.'

Kirstyn Short

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