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why we do mobility work

Imagine you're about to go out for a run, you most likely would limber up or start with a slow pace to prepare your body for physical exercise. The same approach is taken when it comes to my sessions, we don't dive straight in to flowing sequences or holding postures as it's likely you could get injured.
The benefits:
Body + mind awareness
Increased blood flow for your heart + muscles
Lubricating your joints
Foundation work
Boosts mood + feel good hormones
Enhances your Yoga practice
Prevents injury 
Look at it as a warm up for both your body and your mind. We spend a lot of our days on auto-pilot sitting down, which we all know isn't good for us. Even those with jobs that require standing for long periods struggle with aches, pains and poor posture.
Once you have become familiar and more confident with mobility work, you'll find you can use it on it's own if you don't have time practice postures at home but still need 5 - 10 minutes to feel good within your body. It's also a great way of ironing out any soreness from a workout or as a way of winding down from a stressful day.
At classes we focus on different areas of the body each time and typically do movements that compliment a theme or postures that we are working on in class. For example, we would do Shoulder Openers as preparation for Binds or Hip Openers as preparation for Chair pose or Malasana.
The great news is that it's versatile, it's great for the body and mind, and that's why we love it at Namas Yoga.

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coming up




Join us every Tuesday night during September, to learn more about the nourishing practice of Yoga. This course takes us through the fundamentals and how to make Yoga work for you, and your body. 

Tuesdays 3rd, 10th, 17th + 24th September 2019



The Wednesday 7pm class returns as I'm back teaching from taking 3 months maternity. Join us for strengthening flows, mobility work and balancing postures - all helping us to switch off from the pressures of daily life and tune into ourselves.

From September 4th, Wednesdays 7pm at Village Hotel, Solihull

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