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4 Yoga postures to warm up the hips

1. Low Lunge

This pose takes you away from the typical desk based position and works on stretching out the hips flexors and psoas muscles. These areas can great really tight over time, even more so if you spend all day sitting at the office or like doing tough workouts. Low Lunge is also great for strengthening your legs and working on your balance.

Hold for 3 - 5 breaths on each side.

2. Deer Pose.

You use this is an isometric stretch or move in and out of the pose as part of a dynamic warm up.

Deer pose works on internal and external rotation of the hips, which helps on your range of movement.

It is also a great alternative if you can't do Pigeon Pose.

Do not worry if you can't get your knees to the floor. The worse thing you can do is try to force the joints in a position they don't want to be in. Instead, use a blanket or Yoga blocks to support the knees.

Add more to this stretch by adding a twist. Take opposite hand to opposite leg, and the other hand on the floor for support.

Hold for 2 - 4 breaths and don't forget the other side.

3. Malasana

This deep squat is easy for some and not others. There are many variations of this pose in case you struggle with this particular one, e.g. Heels off the ground.

Malasana challenges not only the hips but also: the spine, lower back, knees, ankles and balance.

Hold for 4 - 6 breaths.

4. Skandasana

Keep your core engaged and avoid hunching your spine in this deep side lunge. Keep your hands on the floor for support or for a challenge, try taking your hands off the floor and slowly keep switching sides.

Love how this pose stretches the hamstrings too!

Hold for 2 breaths and change side.


I hope these help give you ideas when you're next on the mat or at the gym. If you liked doing these or need more help, you can do classes with me online via my channel or contact me for personal tuition.

Connect with me via my social media pages and tag me in your Yoga journey, I would love to see your progress!

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Nam x


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